Thursday, 18 October 2012

Malala Yousufzai.

Malala Yousufzai at this moment in time must be one of the bravest blogger to have lived. A 14 year old Pakistani girl denied her right to an education making the gallant decision of risking her life so that she and many girls like her could just learn. You don't hear that everyday, actually, I don't think I've heard it ever. How many young teenage girls do you know that have done something so significantly brave in order to fight for the importance of equality and education that they've been nominated for an international peace prize? For me, none.

I have an infinite amount of respect for this girl, for her intelligence, her determination, her strong belief in what is right, and most importantly her bravery. Paid by the BBC Malala began to write a blog at 11 years old on the happenings and state of the area in which she lived, a place under the Taliban's control, and to fight for the right for girls to be allowed to go to school. Despite the fact that in her village people were being executed for not conforming to the Taliban's rules, she continued to write this blog anonymously in order to show the importance of a young girl's education. However, recently her friends had begun to discover who the unknown blogger was and warned her about the dangers she was facing, this didn't stop her though and she carried on writing until finally it seemed her bravery and hard work had paid off, girls were now allowed to attend school again.

The day that she was going to return to school, to obtain the education she had worked towards, the Taliban found the 14 year old girl and shot her in the head.

Grown men deliberately went out to find this child and personally kill her simply because she spoke out against them. She had not caused anyone pain or harm or offence, and yet somehow she was prosecuted for writing a blog. These men found her bus, waited for the right girl to get off and shot her in view of all the other young children arriving for their school day. The entire concept is so unfathomable, so disgraceful, so disgusting I find it very difficult to comprehend.

Having also found this event most sickening authorities flew this injured child out to Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, England in order to receive an operation she urgently needed. She is now being treated there and it has been reported that although she has a very long way to go she's also making good progress.

I think every child, particularly in Pakistan or in areas with similar situations, owes something to Malala now. Very, very few people would be as brave as she has been in these circumstances and it's so wonderful that she was. She proved to people how desperately important a child's education was and, just how powerful it could be. She became an inspirational icon, not because she was shot and that her situation is so unfortunate, but because knew that it would happen and yet she continued writing because she knew just how crucial her blog was. What she did is so brilliant, so magnificent even that every young girl should look at her and be inspired.

I don't know what I'd do in her place, I'd like to think I would write a blog like hers and have enough courage to risk my life but I guess I'll never know. I'm lucky that I will never have to know, and that this is just a theoretical idea and not a reality like it was for Malala. I feel spoilt with the excellent education I receive for free, and guilty that I should ever take it for granted. I know that now I have witnessed Malala's true courage I shall never again begrudgingly accept my education but use it to the best of my advantage understanding that it gives me a platform on which I can become incredibly powerful. I am so very lucky to have an education, thank you, Malala for showing me this.

I hope one day I meet this truly inspirational woman. And I hope that every girl will take her by example. I will never forget this beautiful girl, and she will always be in my heart as one of the bravest and most wonderful people this generation have seen.

So from one 14 year old girl to another, I wish you well Malala Yousufzai. I really do.