Thursday, 25 October 2012

Laugh. All the time.

We all want things. We all say we need things. We all have things. These things are scattered around the house, the new ones shining and boasting in full view, the old and less loved ones kept in boxes up in the loft. These things are placed thoughtfully in shop windows and in other people's possession. These things are thrown at us through the TV, magazines, the Internet, the radio with everyone screaming that if you do not have this thing you are worthless and behind the times and that you just absolutely need this... Thing.

We have become dependant on these things, believing that if we do not own a certain object our lives are not complete. Okay, so you really do need the vegetable peeler if you're going to peel that parsnip, but the new plasma screen TV is not a necessary item in your everyday life. It isn't necessary at all actually, it's a luxury and that is all. 

What people seem to forget is that actually, when it comes down to it and you don't count the vital actions such as eating, the only really important thing is the people you love. Everybody really needs to be surrounded by people who care about them, who know them well and, most fundamentally, make you laugh until you cry. I don't believe there is a greater feeling in the world than when you are laughing so uncontrollably with friends that your stomach muscles actually ache. I don't believe you are really human unless you have experienced this, and that you really must. Everyday, anywhere, for any reason.