Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The 'other' option.

I spent the entire day at school going through different workshops informing me about the choices I should be making. These included A Levels, sixth forms/colleges, university courses, and work experience. Overall, I became bored very quickly and struggled to pay attention to the uninspiring information being given to me about my life in further education. A life suggested throughout the day to be important if you want to have a job, or money, or stability, or happiness.

There was this vague mention somewhere along the way about the 'other' options that were available to me in a mystical land that was dangerous and not governed by a 'system'. It was always a quick "you're not obliged to go to uni BUT it is probably for the best..." and then swiftly moving on into the benefits higher education can and will provide. "It's not for everyone." would be thrown in occasionally, with absolutely no explanation as to what the everyone it's not for would do.

I understand I'm lucky to be provided with support and information about certain life choices and decisions I'm going to have to make. I am somebody interested in going to university, but this interest is only based on the fact I want the 'experience'. The degree at the end is something I'm currently not bothered by. This leads me to question the sense in me actually going through further education, if I don't believe it will crucially affect my career and the massive debt I will have at the end of it.

However, if I was to decide against going to university, where is the information day about what to do then? I'd obviously need support and advice with this resolution but currently I'd have no idea where to find it. I think the most likely response to this would be an attempt at changing my mind, by the school anyway. Predominantly because I think they wouldn't have a clue about what to do with me.

Why is there only this ambiguous mention of the 'other' option? Surely it would be more logical to provide detail about not going into further education as its the lesser known path? It may seem a little too 'alternative' to your standard, uniform school but to let the students leaning towards this option down would be an unfair mistake.

I was only given one option today, when I know there are others out there. It was either study your A Levels and go to uni or... Do something that isn't that, it isn't clear and we won't tell you much about it because you probably won't succeed anyway.

I probably will end up choosing to study further education, and enjoy it too, but I'd be reassured to know those who choose to enter the real world faster than most have a source of support and advice similar to that of the university path.

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Pinterest Pretense.

I wake up at 7 am to the sound of my retro alarm clock just as the sun rises and shines into my Bohemian bedroom. My handmade multicoloured quilt is scrunched at the bottom of the mattress on the floor, bed frames are so last season. I get up and look through my shabby flat window out onto the city's skyline, made golden by the sunrise. Today will be fabulous.

I look over at my boyfriend still asleep on the bed, his hipster beard looking scraggy and his ungelled hair even more so. His tattoo covered arm hangs over the side of the mattress, its intricate design shows little flesh but sincere meaning and self expression is demonstrated in the ink. Much like the stretcher he exhibits in one ear. Oh, and the cartilage piercing too. He won't wake up for a while, so I leave our Moroccan inspired room and go to the bathroom.

Bathing in lavender oil, bicarbonate of soda and rose petal leaves makes me feel refreshed for the day ahead. I then change into my darling, mustard yellow, Peter Pan collared dress and knee high, woollen socks before returning to the mirror to fix my hair into something marvellous. This of course only takes a moment in the 'Five Easy Steps' I take to pull and plait ten different parts of my hair into a large pastry type thing on my head. Applying makeup is a doddle as I slide a line of liquid eyeliner over my lids, brush a little mascara on, and dab my lips with rose water balm.

Breakfast is delightful as usual, and extremely healthy too. I eat sliced banana with homemade peanut butter, natural yogurt and fresh blueberries, and fat free butter spread over my homemade wheat free, gluten free, meat free, dairy free, vegan friendly walnut and pecan bread before sipping on my freshly pressed French coffee. This all occurs of course at the breakfast bar, with its oak surface and green, painted cupboards.

It's not even 8 o'clock yet.

And then-

Oh my, I say after repinning another pumpkin latte recipe, I'm exhausted. I may have to rethink my Pinterest lifestyle for another day.