Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kony 2012

Today I watched a video that inspired me, made me cry, made me think and made feel both proud and angry with the human race. I watched the Kony 2012 video, a video aimed to raise awareness of Joseph Kony and the charity that are trying to catch him.

Joseph Kony is based in Uganda where he has conducted a rebel army consisting of children. These children did not choose to join his army but instead were kidnapped from their families and forced to kill and injure. The girls are used as sex slaves and the boys as child soldiers.

This disgusting crime is only made worse by the fact that these children, the world's future, are forced to mutate innocent people and kill their own parents. You would have also thought that by now Kony would be world famous with all the main headlines screaming his name, right? Wrong. Until recently very few people had actually heard of him and very little was being done to stop him.

That's where the charity comes in. They're attempting to make Kony famous. Not to celebrate him but to make his crime acknowledged by everyone and stopped by the people's demand. This is needed because if government start to lose interest the USA will remove their troops from Uganda and the inhumane crime will continue to be committed. Uganda need their help desperately to help find and catch Kony so he can be arrested. He's the world's most wanted war criminal right now.

So please, if you feel this cause needs all the help it can get like I do then watch this video. Be inspired and help as much as you can. Change history for the good. Give my generation of people a chance.