Monday, 12 March 2012

And They Said Romance was Dead.

What really annoys me about my generation is the lack of respect for each other. The words that boys in particular use to describe girls is appalling and the general acceptance of this use of language is just as bad.
Gash is a new favourite of the lads, used frequently and without thought this rather revolting reference to a woman's genitals has become a daily remark. I'm constantly told that "I get all the Gash, I do." so confidently said however, I think not young man, not with that language you certainly do not. At least you would think they wouldn't have any girls more than half a mile near them, and yet they do. 

More than half the people I know who are my age have "got off" with somebody else, a phrase I despise as it lacks any sense of respect or care. Most common at parties, this term describes plunging your tongue deep into somebody's throat in the usual hope that you will end up more popular than before exchanging saliva with a fellow spotty teen. Someone whom you most probably have no intention of having a relationship with nor whom you like particularly. Don't get me wrong, sharing the contents of your mouth with a near stranger is fine as long as you play it safe but it's just the whole absence of any feelings whatsoever. Kissing somebody is supposed to mean more of a declaration of love than sex according to recent research, so why is used in such a disregarding manner? Why is there a race to get as far as you can regarding sexual intimacy no matter who with?

So many teenagers lie about what they have and haven't done as if they're showing off how many expensive items they own. Where is the love? As vomit inducing as that may sound I really mean it. Does no one value themselves anymore? An increasing amount of girls are willing to give their bodies away to the first male who shows interest as if they really are pieces of meat. No one falls in love with a steak so why should anyone love 'Gash'? If you're ok with being referred to as an object then why should you mean anything more? 

I personally have never had any kind of relationship other than friendship with the opposite sex because I've never felt the need. If I'm honest I've never had the chance as almost every single boy I've met has talked about a girl as a piece of meat at least once and quickly been put off by my lecture on why you should respect females as your equals. I'm not afraid to say what I think and I don't care if I put any boys off me because if they are intimidated by my views they're most likely not my type. I'm saving myself for someone special, someone who I care about, for romance. They probably won't be the love of my life but they won't be some greasy lad who just wants to look hard and has little respect for himself let alone me. 

I'm so frustrated with girls just accepting the referal to their privates as a way of life. They're willingness to not savour their bodies, precious as they all are.  But I'm also fed up with boys having no respect for any of us. What do mothers and fathers teach their sons nowadays? It's something that's looked over far too much. Let's bring back romance and treat our bodies like temples as Buddhists might say. For we all matter and all deserve to be loved. Don't look at a girl's body and drool, appreciate it for how beautiful it is and think about the girl behind the boobs for you may just find you like more than you can see.