Thursday, 8 March 2012

A little more Kony 2012

Having posted about Kony 2012 I have since then been enlightened to further information and criticism about the charity.  Many others have blogged about the charity's misleading tendencies to exaggerate on statistics for strategic purposes. Others have also pointed out that stopping this one guy isn't going to stop war crime nor be the end of the children's suffering as all of Kony's bodyguards are children so, how are they going to get to him without causing anymore violence?

Another sore point has also been repeated in quite a few blogs and that is the controversy of where the money we are so rapidly donating is going. Many are complaining that very little of the profit is going to the children's well fare and more towards the production of films and products.

The unconventional documentary type video has also been widely criticised for its over the top Hollywood style. But, why not? Then again it may be hyped up to make you feel empowered by the end of the 29 minutes but that's the whole point of the video, right?

 However, this is my view, the charity's main reason is to raise awareness of Kony and as they pointed out this is to stop the American government losing interest and pulling their troops out of Uganda. The charity is therefore attempting to get as many people as they can to show that the population demands for action to be done about Joseph Kony. Yes, there are the children that we still need to think about afterwards because of course nothing will just fall nicely into place as soon as the bad guy's gone and maybe they're slightly afraid to admit that the power of the people may be outdone by the power of using brute force. Let Kony 2012 get the man who's caused so many young people hell to be known by the world and educate us about war criminals. It's teaching us to reevaluate how the government, of any country, deals with this type of situation and that we as the public need have a say in what our country does as it is after all OUR country and OUR world.

And if you don't want to do it for the charity do it to help get the world's worst war criminal arrested for good.