Thursday, 7 March 2013

Take the next left and you'll have reached your 'zen'.

There is something both intriguing and admirable about the ability to find one's 'zen' and to go to it in any situation. I am jealous of those who have perfected the skill of using one's body and breathing to just become in a place of simple being with a single focus for a moment or two. Things like Yoga or Pilates where focusing on one's core or flexibility or balance through the absolute concentration on your own respiration and the trust in your body's natural limits helps one's surroundings and crowded thoughts to disappear. I think it's beautiful to just let yourself become completely immersed in the steady rise and fall of breath and the gentle and graceful movement of the body.

Being able to completely relax through a sort of slow dance is impressive. But having the skill that enables one to sit down in a comfortable position and focus on only one simple thing without distraction is incredible. Some think that sounds easy but try sitting for more than a minute without thinking about what's for dinner, what's on TV tonight, or that embarrassing moment from the day before. It seems almost impossible. I aim to someday find my 'zen', my true place of absolute calm simply to boast that I can. I think it shows immense strength and trust in one's mind and body.