Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Super Sweet 16

For some reason, probably after the induced madness from being stuck in bed all day with a virus, I decided to watch a few old episodes of 'My Super Sweet 16'. A TV show made to document spoilt brats on their 'special day' and the ludicrous amount of money spent on throwing parties for kids with no limits. After having watched about two I was no longer angered by their outrageous behaviour but laughing at the absurdity of it all. How strange to grow up in a world where diamonds and popularity are the most important things. Where Daddy and Mummy will buy anything because they're too weak to deal with your tantrums. I'm in no way inclined to be a disciplinarian but there is a line where the child hasn't learnt any morals or limits as to where their behaviour becomes unbelievably rude because the parent just want their little darlings to be happy.

The kids on this programme quite clearly are not very happy at all. They've not been taught the value of things because money really is no object to them. They've been shown that feeling upset or angry because they weren't bought the right coloured car is acceptable and that there can't possibly be more to life than the £3000 dress they were bought on a whim because they simply adored it. They don't understand that that isn't real life, that there are so much more important and wonderful things to care about.

I know that 'My Super Sweet 16' and other shows like it are edited to make the programme more entertaining and the kids more bratty, but if they're prepared to be depicted like that I think it shows true colours as to who they really are. Being shown talking to their parents with the least amount of respect I've ever seen in front of a large audience demonstrates the truth as to how these kids really are. I dread to think of the kind of adults they grew up to be and I hope for the sake of the next generation they don't raise their children in the same way. Unfortunately, however, they most likely will and there will still be a bubble of society with enormous wealth to whom the world's issues do not concern because Prada and Gucci are the main priority. How tragic.