Thursday, 21 February 2013

Talkin' about my generation.

There are things that my generation of teenagers should be allowed to do, and should embrace, for the sake of celebrating our own era. There are things that we will look back on and cringe, just as our parents did, and there are things that we will have great nostalgia for and wish for the time to come again.

Things like staying up all night talking to each other through a variety of different messaging devices or websites. And enjoying the conversation so much that you can justify two in the morning as a very acceptable time to feel wide awake. Not remembering the zombie like boy or girl that will emerge from their bedroom at noon the next day only able to communicate by grunting.

Things like spending the rest of that day talking to the exact same person and keeping the conversation alive by listing everything you're doing, so as not to lose that person's virtual companionship and be left with a constant refresh of one's newsfeed to fill vast vacuums of time when nothing else in the world could possibly be done. Mum's suggestion of tidying your room was not as interesting as reading the same tweet over and over again.

Things like joining huge fan clubs with and abundance of fan-fiction and Tumblr gifs with one single character from a nerdy show and making it even more nerdy by doing so. Just becoming one massive nerd who only lives for Saturday's with Doctor Who on the telly and the rest just living on Tumblr or Youtube will be a common factor of our late childhood.

We don't have goths or punks, we have nerds squealing over Benedict Cumberbatch and wearing Pokemon hats.

Things like setting a reputation for ourselves as the Internet generation, the babes born into a world where touch screen devices is part of everyday life. A generation where not a lot concerning technology developments can surprise them and who often take it for granted. A generation who mark the first load of teenagers to have grown up in a world that to them has always had Internet, has always had the Web, who have always had a computer.

It is no bad thing, we're just the first to have ever done this before. Like any generation preceding us, we're just trying to figure out what's going on. But making a wonderful, historical stamp on the world too. I will remember staying up all night talking to certain someones like my parents remember making a very long, very expensive phone bill. They will be cherished memories, and symbols of the ways we made our own generations.