Monday, 2 April 2012

Pluto isn't even a planet anymore.

You know what? We live in a bloody beautiful world. It's pretty obvious, once you look, but people seem to forget that and dig themselves into holes of depressing subjects that actually have very little effect on our lives. We also forget this and seem to have some sort of disconnect from the brain which makes us think it's ok to litter. Everywhere. I mean every time I see litter in a particularly beautiful place, more than anywhere, I want to cry. Of course, there's always my mother ranting on about it until we get into the car and then ten minutes into the journey that has that effect on me but it's still wrong. There are bins for a reason. Ok?

Back to being depressed about tiny, weeny little things and making them very big things. I went on holiday this weekend to Okehampton, Dartmoor where I have now decided is my second favourite place in the world. It was beautiful, I was with good friends and lovely people, I laughed so hard it ached and I did things I wouldn't normally get the opportunity to do. It was amazing, basically. And on the way back, speeding along the motorway with my dad way over the speed limit, I felt so happy and grateful just thinking about what I'd experienced. It made me realise how lucky I was to know and meet such nice people and do exciting things. I realised that the little things which somehow managed to get me down, were so insignificant compared to how happy I could be. Yes, I still have homework to do and tidying up and school to go to, but none of those matter or seem as vexing when you have people who make you laugh.

There are wars, inequality, discrimination, poverty, starvation and injustice happening every minute of every day in the world and whilst these are very important subjects it's surprising how upsetting stories dominate the news. I am all in favour of getting impactful issues across to the public in order to raise awareness, I would shout about them to anyone who cared to listen if it came down to it, but we need not intend to make the matter worse by depressing everyone. We need to inspire people, instead. Have stories about fantastic people who give a damn about these issues and do something about it, raise awareness at the same time as lifting everyone's spirits! I genuinely believe we, especially as a nation, are notorious for complaining because that's what we see in the media all the time. No wonder everyone seems down most of the time, they've been indoctrinated with news about everything that is wrong.

Go outside and see for yourself that we're all actually pretty damn lucky to even been given a chance to live on this planet. No matter what situation you're in, you always have a reason to be happy. You're alive. Happiness is a state of mind not an object you can buy. When you feel down, smile and go for a walk in the countryside or if that isn't possible, just smile.