Sunday, 29 April 2012

750 Words

Recently discovered, or been enlightened about a fantastic website aimed at everyone, for writing 750 words everyday. After you've written the 750 words about whatever you choose, the website then takes you to your statistics, showing you things like your writing speed, how long you took to write it, what you were concerned about during writing it and other nice little touches like that. It's a really well designed website, made by a really nice guy who clearly has the right idea, and is perfectly simple to use yet wonderfully interesting and clever at the same time. A great idea for everyone of any age and profession to use it for whatever reason may occur. You can even keep it as a diary if that's what you wish, and if you usually find it difficult to keep a journal this website is great at driving you to jot down something everyday.
 A friendly and fun to use tool, I highly recommend it for anyone.