Saturday, 5 May 2012


As I sit in my kitchen in front of my computer screen tapping away at the keys hoping for something bearably coherent to magically appear, I realise that these words that I write may not be to the liking of every individual. Some of those individuals will even feel the need to express the disliking of my opinions and observations but fortunately, I have yet to await that occurrence. I don't have an issue with others expressing their views about something they disagree with, I do it myself all the time. The thing that really  gets me agitated, however, are those who just criticise for unknown reasons without stopping to think about how the poor receiver may take to the harsh words or maybe to ponder on how they could give constructive advice. Instead of just brutally flinging ruthless hate at them left, right and centre and going under the pitied name of 'trolls' they should take time to stop their raging fingers from burning the keyboard with anger and take into consideration not only what they inflict on others, but the reputation they bring on themselves. Of course, this is totally only ever going to happen in an ideal world where everyone is nice to each other and unicorns roam the land pooping out rainbows. I understand I'm never going to strike gold with ridding the world of hate singlehandedly with a blog that very little read, but I can at least hope to raise awareness to some of these devious, thoughtless trolls and give them something to finally take in and analyse for once in their lifetime. Or maybe I'm just feeding their greed by talking about them, adding to their undeserved fame. Either way, it's something I want to talk about and am going to continue doing so.

They do not only exist in the myst of the internet nor are they a new phenomenon, but have been trolling the world for as long as time itself. They exist in society as bitchy school girls, horrible bosses, nasty old men troubled by time, unsociable critics who have nothing better to do than to tear apart the livelihood and works of innocent citizens. Story short, they're everywhere and they will never cease to prevail unless everyone else stops doing anything, anywhere ever. The name for them when not on the virtual world of the internet is bullies. Simple, nasty, infamous bullies who are so insecure that they feel the need to attack anyone happier or better off than them.

But Mollie, I hear you say, why are you writing about bullies if they're never fully going to go away? Alas, I am beginning to wonder why I'm even bothering as well, it's not like they're going to read this blog anyway. It's not as if with the mysterious power of words I can magic the bullies away, but what I will do is cease to feed them. We continue as a society to back away from those who think they have power, let them get on with it, and when we do fight back we give them exactly what they want, a reaction. Many mistake I have made by replying furiously to snide comments on Youtube, not stopping to think that I am actually spoon feeding them what they wished to receive. The action we really need to take is to sit back and ignore them. Not quiver under their control, or fight back thinking we're doing the world good, just watch them slowly disappear as everyone loses interest and they become invisible. This is hard, and I know it, to not want to defend against yourself as they bombard us with despising criticism but it's the only way to safely dispose of these hideous characters without adding to the blazing fire of abhor.

I now sit safely behind the delicately thin screen of my computer (no longer in the kitchen but on the sofa) that disguises itself as a protection to the truckloads of hate constantly a concerning danger making a promise to myself. Never to feed the troll again.