Friday, 1 January 2016

No to the news.

Sometimes, when I'm in a sort of mood, I can't cope with looking at the news. The bad news. I just don't have the energy all the time to let my heart bleed for far off tragedies I can do nothing about. It's exhausting. I am a sensitive, passionate person which means that I really feel for those who suffer in the news and I want so desperately to offer help even when I have no means. Sometimes I'm so sensitive about my own life that adding more anxiety and stress is like putting more and more weight onto a thin layer of ice.

Sometimes even when people bring up topics that I care about but are currently depressing or upsetting I want to escape the conversation. I'm too tired to get angry, to enter a fight against something that will help me achieve nothing. I don't want to let my mind dwell on something too dark. I have often wished for the conversation to move on so that my body doesn't tense and I don't bring myself down. There is so much in this world that I can't solve, or soothe, or abolish. I get scared. And frustrated.

Sometimes I just don't watch or listen to the news. It's not worth it. Other people's unsolvable happiness will not improve my own. I worry just enough with the unseasonable weather outside without heightening that fear with useless information. And it is okay, to not look at the news, or participate in heated discussion every day, because it's a strange business anyway. Developing your understanding of the world is good, caring about what happens in it is good, but making yourself stressed or unhappy when you can't do anything to help is deeply unhealthy. You don't need information thrown at you all the time. You need to take a break, and stop looking at the news every once in a while. It'll improve your mood greatly.