Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The right kind of reaction.

Another terror attack, another country. Whether or not the culprits are linked we know who will essentially be blamed. But this incident has seen a change in how terrorism has been dealt with in the past.

Terrorism is deliberately named thus to describe acts designed to cause mass terror. It has been working, apparently, with the way the media across the world has responded each time. 'Be scared be scared be scared!!' newspapers have cried out, pandering to the exact aims of whatever terrorists were operating. By reacting in such a way we have fed the trolls, given them precisely what they yearned for. Fear.

This time, however, something seems a little different to me. I do not think that the French are scared, they are just awfully upset. And because the French are not scared, the rest of the world is not scared. The French are standing up, going straight to the scene of the incident and showing that they do not care for this pettiness. Freedom of speech and press is ours, that is absolutely one thing that cannot be damaged by terrorism. This is merely an insult to, not a powerful attack on, the invincibility of wit and satire.

Solidarity is key, but not being afraid is even more potent than that. The big bad wolf cannot stand if we are not scared, and so we will not be scared.

My heart goes out to the families of the lost ones and my heart also stands with France.