Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Resolution

It is something of a wonder that most humans feel unable to start again and refresh themselves, their style, their lives without the aid of a New Year. We may try to reboot half way through the year but nothing quite beats the feeling of worldwide celebration of starting afresh in our own self-constructed and construed perception of time moving forward. The New Year has begun, we must, by the nature of humanity, now go forth to purchase gym memberships and other items that may aid us in our desperate attempt to better ourselves. It is one of many strange phenomena that only we humans can enjoy... And then throw away as this newfound inspiration dies out after approximately one month.

We all suddenly become aware after the fortnight of improving that was taken on with such gusto that changing our ways is unfortunately incredibly hard. That feeling of invincibility that had risen through us with excitement and determination completely and utterly deteriorates when we come to the conclusion that sitting down with a cup of tea to watch the telly is actually much easier than whatever else it is one was planning on doing.

Why is it that despite the sensation of accomplishing a task being even greater than whatever emotion inspired it, the bit in between the beginning and the end can be so detrimental that we often never feel like reaching the finish line? A small goal is easy to achieve, the time for the inspiration to dissolve is smaller, but a big goal that needs a lot of time also needs a lot more determination than what New Year's hype provides.

And thus I hope that this new year's determination lasts longer than that of a measly two weeks and that as well as achieving whatever goals I have in mind I can sit down with a cup of tea in front of the telly too.