Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My thoughts for the Syrian Refugees.

I cannot comprehend the feeling one must have when forced to leave everything you know behind and flee from your country. To abandon your belongings, your home, your friends, your family in a moment's notice because you fear for your life must be one great feat. All I can do is imagine that running away from your world is a little like temporarily, or sometimes permanently, dying on the inside. Suddenly your only function is to run and run from a place of danger and find sanctuary elsewhere. Thinking of much else must be fatal. Feeling the loss you just impacted on yourself must be sickening. And yet, you must only run.

As I write this it still seems like fiction, and it is quite possibly a misconstruing of a situation I can only hypothetically create. I want to be able to emphasise with the Syrian refugees, but I am only able to feel distant compassion for millions of people whose heartbreak I will never compare to my own. I cannot know the feeling of having very little water in 90 degrees heat, because my tap is just down the stairs and the heat outside is pleasant. I cannot understand the meaning of hunger, because food is always available to me. I cannot relate to the sensation of filthiness, because I shower in hot water everyday. I cannot imagine deserting my home, because I lie comfortably in my bed each night. I cannot emphasise with pain, because my family is near me and they are all well and alive. I cannot know what these refugees feel, know, see, remember, suffer and understand. I can only wish for their safety to arrive soon.

Children are suffering from post-traumatic stress after witnessing their parents dying in some awful way at the hands of war. The idea of that happening is like fiction to me. The comprehending of such a situation is almost alien. I can only imagine, and then it makes me feel sick. I hope there is someone to hold the hands of those children. I hope someone can make them feel safe.

Of course my thoughts for the Syrian refugees will make little impact, but raising awareness of their suffering is all I can really do. I'd like to see more of my generation tweeting about the refugees' situation, maybe charities to help them, thoughts and wishes towards their safety and end to their tribulation. Alas, they tweet only of Miley Cyrus's VMA performance and another grown up child star melt down is of course more relevant. Yet, quite considerably less urgent, important, or interesting.

My thoughts for the Syrian refugees are abundant, and I wish them health and safety as soon as possible. I am useless for them, but I would at least like for them to be heard and seen by the rest of the world.