Friday, 3 May 2013

A memory.

I went to my first ever concert last night. It was bloody well fantastic. I saw The Vaccines. They were pretty damn cool. And I couldn't help but stop to think amidst the brilliant, buzzing atmosphere and say to myself "You are an incredibly lucky person, Mollie, you are alive and unbelievably happy. What more can you ask for?"

And I couldn't think of anything more I could want at that moment. All I really knew was that my life is going pretty swell. I've had my fair share of undesirable times, but it's these moments that I will remember and cherish most ardently.

I was standing close to the stage, but not in the mosh pit. I was wearing a poofy dress and a dog-tooth blazer and had stolen my mum's 90s heels, I had at least four layers of red lipstick on and I looked deadly cool. The noise of the band was so loud I could feel the drum beat pounding in my chest, as if it were replacing my heart with a different rhythm. The guitar - excellent. The singer - inexplicably attractive.  I only knew three songs of theirs, but did that matter? No. I still waved my hands in the air and shook my head about like I just didn't care. When I did know a song I screamed, made an excited gesture to my friend and half-danced to the beat. And shouted/badly sang the chorus.

I was absolutely in a place where nothing on Earth could bring me down from. One of my best friends was beside me, brilliant music was being brilliantly performed and I felt very, very alive. The crowd were singing along, I could see the standing area transformed into a sea of waving arms and bobbing heads. The people around me were dancing crazily and so I too, without any shame, danced crazily until blisters formed on my feet in some of the most uncomfortable shoes. I was blissfully content to continue bouncing up and down and shaking my head like a madwoman despite my aching feet, sweating and lack of breath or fitness. That was all part of the fun.

And when the band left the stage, and I waved goodbye to the guitarist who couldn't see me, and I couldn't hear myself speak anymore, and I was out of breath, and I had the widest smile and all I could say was "OH MY GOD".... I thought, that was a pretty damn good night. I had a good time.