Thursday, 16 April 2015

I am still a feminist.

This is a short one but it is in response to the "Why I'm Not a Feminist" video by Lauren Southern that recently went viral.

Men's issues are entirely included in my view of feminism and the same goes for every feminist I know. In fact, I have not met one feminist who has not defended complete equality which concerns the problems created by sexism for both sexes.

Men's issues are not the fault of women, but the fault of a perpetuating patriarchal society and attitude towards genders. This does not mean that all men are to blame, and that all men do not suffer as a result of this. There is little to dispute, however, the scale or impact of one over the other. I believe in the equality of both men and women, but only one of them has been severely oppressed for hundreds of years and only recently emancipated.

I am still a feminist. Feminism means the belief in equality, for both man and woman, and it always will.