Thursday, 20 September 2012

The 90s babies.

We, the babies of the 90s, have created a collection of adolescent tastes that one will find difficult to avoid, and if managed to avoid will then wonder why they ducked out of the fast flowing 21st century teenage generation. For, in actual fact, it's quite exciting. We are the children of a new age, born into a world where the internet has always existed and a technological revolution has begun. Although some of us will be lost to conformity and stray from our natural senses, I believe that the rest of us, hopefully the majority, will ride the waves of our time, our new time, with such brilliance we will create an explosion that will force the world into the pristine age of technological wonder. We will break from the dawn of this age by feeding off the past and the present, and grow up into the future carrying the troubles and virtues of now. We will not become a better generation or a better time, but we will create our own way aided by the already laid down path of our parents and grand-parents. Our youth, however, is sitting comfortably and ready for a world that is to come. We wait, in the Western world particularly, with quirky habits and fashions and crazes stealing from the decades before. Here are just some of them.

In this generation of teens we have two kinds of people; those who play video games and those who don't. Those who do despise those who don't, and those who don't look in puzzlement at those who do. Or, of course, you have me who cannot count and we have a third person who does not essentially play video games but can empathise with those who do and sympathise with those who don't.

We also have many different types of music lovers. The mainstream Top 40 and the "I only listen to real music" elite group. Now this causes a confusion for some people, for real music can also slip into the mainstream Top 40, so they then get stuck in this awful trap of Ed Sheeran or Birdy, who are not bad musicians themselves but can drag you into the money processing machine Simon Cowell has appeared to create. Another path you can take on this slippy slope of adolescent musical taste is to become so involved with bands that defy all categories that you lose all sense of any other musicians. If I were you, I would stay far away from a teenage collective opinion on music because either way you will become imprisoned in a sticky sort of genre/category.

Oh, and then we have the notorious hipsters. There is definitely only three types of people that relate to this subject. Those who are hipsters, those who try and be hipsters and those who hate hipsters. Now, you could say that "hipsters" are the equivalent to the New Romantics or punks or hippies even, but no, this new group haven't actually got a purpose. They have nothing to say other than they wish to be "indie" and that they despise anything remotely "mainstream". However, and rather ironically, they somehow accomplish to look identical to every one of their fellow hipsters and have allowed both words "indie" and "mainstream" to become in themselves mainstream. As you can tell, I am one of those who hate hipsters. I find that their lack of thought provoking and questioning of authorities is quite boring. Also, the fact that they all fail to see the absurdity of their fashion/taste/ideas is tedious and becoming very repetitive. They're so gob-smackingly twee that one more bow tie (however cool they may be) or another sprinkling of arrogance and I believe that they will all just spontaneously combust. Don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking individuals here, but as a group of people I think they are the members of our generation that will probably be lost to conformity and not be able to enjoy the wonders we're going to create because they will be too busy buying another pair of oversized glasses that they don't need to look "cool" and nerdy, a term most of them will have been using as a derogatory word before they were converted to hipsterism. Their holier-than-thou attitude will be gladly forgotten by me as we look back on our time as the youth generation.

So there you have it, our generation. We all either hate each other, love each other, or have no opinion of each other because it's far too mainstream. And yet, we're all probably going to change the world. Yeah, we're just that indie.