Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Procrastination. Man's most inappropriate and tiresome friend. You get to watch that film you've always wanted to, but the essay due in for tomorrow has not been finished. In other words, you really wish procrastination would just stop pestering you and go home yet he can be quite good fun and means you don't have to do your dreaded deeds. I procrastinated writing this post, not that writing my blog is a chore as such, just that forcing myself to stop watching the entire second series of Cold Feet was a lot more effort when I thought of what this post was going to be about. Thus, the theme of procrastination.

What our dear friend procrastination does not tell us is that the actual process of doing what you were supposed to may be actually very gratifying or just as interesting than watching Lost in Austen for the 20th time. The other bonus to shoving procrastination out the door is the feeling you get after completing the task at hand. That satisfaction of knowing that you are free to do whatever you want is glorious in its own right. You can now read endlessly with the knowledge that you are now free of the niggling feeling at the back of your head, the one that usually tells you to get yourself together and do some work, the feeling that is usually right.

You see now I can go downstairs and watch a film with my mum with full relief of having pushed myself to write another post. Not only did I enjoy writing it but I will enjoy the fact that I got past the procrastination and did something relatively productive. Trust me, although he tries desperately to be the nice guy, procrastination really isn't doing you any good.